A Royal Celebration of our honorable ancestors


Fèt /fet/ - A Kwéyòl word meaning a party, celebration, or festival.

Egun /ā-goon/ - a West African term for the spirits of our ancestor(s), whether related to us by blood or religious lineage.

Fèt Egun is a multicultural gathering meant to return our displaced ancestors to their former honor and glory, as well as bring forth the energy of those who were royalty or lived in luxury. We respect and have immense gratitude for those who did what they could with what they had in times of despair. It is our intention to elevate all who came before us, and who continue to remind us that we deserve the highest and finest rewards this earthly realm has to offer.

We encourage all attendees to dress up in your cultural wear, adorn yourselves like the Kings and Queens of our bloodlines, and honor them by remembering where we come from and where we aim to return. As above, so below. We believe that the more we give back in gratitude and the spirit of opulence, the wider the pathways will open for us to receive that same bounty. The time is now to restore our glory, and it begins with a return to nobility and royalty.

May we always remember the sacrifices made on our behalf, the titles and honor stripped from our people, and the lineage and customs that have built the wealthiest nations this world has ever witnessed.



For Our Mothers | Sunday, May 31, 2020 | 7 PM - 9 PM CST

No  matter  the  relationship  we  have  with the  person  who  gave  birth  to  us,  we  all  have  a  long  lineage  of  women  who  have  paved  the  way  for  the  lives  we  live  today.  Let’s  bring  our  energies  together  to  elevate  our  mothers,  aunts,  sisters,  grandmothers,  warriors,  and  queens  to  say  “thank  you!”  

What  to  bring:  YOU,  a  picture  and/or  story  of  a  female  ancestor,  a  white  candle  (tea  light  is  sufficient).  If  you  will  not  have  a  candle,  please  let  us  know  via  the  registration  form,  and  we will  accomodate  you.

What  to  wear:  Your  finest  royal-themed  outfit.  Dress  up!  If  you  don’t  have  anything  fancy,  NO  WORRIES!  Just  show  up  with  a  clean  body,  a  bright  smile,  and  an  open  heart!  Effort  is  always  appreciated.

Who’ll  be  there:  Hosted  by  our  founder,  Shima,  and  a  few  friends  from  various  parts  of  the  spiritual  community.

Length  of  event:  Approx.  2  hours. 

What’s  going  down:   The  1st  hour  will  consist  of  ceremony,  readings,  performances,  and  hold  space  for  attendees  to  share  stories  of  their  female  ancestors..  We’ll  begin the  event  with  a  5 -mintue  guided  meditation/moment  of  silence.

The  2nd  hour  will  be  the  dance  party  featuring  a  multi-genre  playlist.  Feel  free  to  make  suggestions  on  your  registration  form.

**We  ask  that  you  reserve  all  sips  and  puffs  for  AFTER the  reiki  healing  session  at  the  beginning  of  the  ceremony.**

Who  can  come:  EVERYONE  IS  WELCOME!  

Due  to  the  sensitive  nature  of  some  of  the  topics  covered  and  the  healing  modalities  being  offered,  anyone  under  the  age  of  18  must  have  a  parent/guardian email  us  directly  to  approve  registration.  Intergrity  is  key.

By  registering  for  this  event,  you  agree  to  the  Terms  &  Conditions  set  forth  here.

Location Info

Since  CV-19  doesn’t  want  us  to celebrate  in  person, we will be hosting our first Fèt, virtually, via Zoom!  There  is  no  cost  to  attend,  Donations  are  always  welcome.

We will send a Zoom link via email 3 days before the event. 

Support our work

We appreciate you giving whatever you can in order to help offset the costs of our virtual space, provide materials for those who may not have them, and compensate our presenters for their time. We also accept funds via, CashApp: $OyaKush and Venmo:  @OyaKush.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card